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May 6, 2016

Trout Union Cup – 2016 in Romania Trout Union Cup – 2016 in Romania means 13 countries, 23 teams, 91 competitors!
Pontoon21 as the traditional sponsor of the biggest international competition of Stream Trout fishing style congratulate the winners!
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SCT-Balancing System

The metal cylinder locates in the lure's head, being across the body axis.It's flat ends are in fact the lure's big eyes. Big and rather heavy free-moving metal ball can roll from one flat end to another (from right eye to the left and back)...


Balsa lures WOODY SOUL of PONTOON21 Lure Factory are made of high-grade quality wood selected with careful attention to all details. Shape and design of these lures are developed by skilled specialists having wide experience in hand-crafted balsa lures’ production...

Staff wear

Pontoon 21 constantly supports its sportsmen and acts as a fishing tournament sponsor.